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Client and Project Overview

This federal agency provides support for farmers, ranchers, and other caretakers of private agricultural lands and non-industrial private forest lands. They execute programs aimed at reducing the substantial risks of farming through offerings such as crop insurance, conservation programs, safety net programs for farms, lending, and disaster programs. Their clients depend on federal programs to help their operations and navigate natural and economic challenges. The process of obtaining these programs and using them should be smooth, transparent, and effortless. The agency serves over 2 million farmers, ranchers, and dairy producers across the country.


  • Navigating the client’s essential programs and services was frequently challenging and cumbersome.
  • Manual and redundant procedures impeded growth and resulted in delays and poor customer experience.
  • The absence of a comprehensive view of the customer due to disconnected systems added to the difficulties.
  • Complex processes and a disconnected approach caused dissatisfaction among case workers.
  • The numerous redundant applications created for the agency over time resulted in a higher O&M budget.


  • To tackle the client’s challenges and begin the journey towards providing a seamless customer experience with multi-channel capabilities, a customer-focused Case Management solution was implemented for two different business units with approximately 9000 users.
  • Customer data from 5 source systems is now integrated into a single platform, which allows users to have a centralized and comprehensive view of their customers, including all applications, cases, and corresponding interactions, loan and asset information
  • Officers no longer need to search multiple systems to confirm customer information before providing assistance.
  • Additionally, Salesforce Knowledge was implemented to enable officers to access a set of standardized knowledge articles for providing a consistent customer experience.


  • Salesforce Government Cloud Plus
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Knowledge
  • Salesforce Digital Engagement
  • Salesforce CRM Analytics
  • Salesforce Shield Encryption and Event Monitoring
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • MuleSoft
  • Tableau
  • SAP
  • OneSpan (eSign Live)


Million Customer Page Views
Billion In Funding Distributed
Million Experience Site Customer Interactions

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