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Why Tableau Analytics?

Tableau allows you to easily prepare, explore, and gain insights from your data. With just a few clicks, you can create visualizations using drag-and-drop, use AI-driven statistical modeling, and ask questions using natural language. This tool will make data analysis a joy.


Tableau Prep

Utilize a visual interface to combine, clean, and shape data. With Tableau Prep Conductor and Tableau Prep Builder, data analysis and management can be conducted faster and easier than ever before.

Tableau Desktop, Online and Server

Through limitless data exploration, Tableau Desktop can help anyone identify patterns and take action. Using Tableau Online, you can access self-service analytics in a secure cloud, or you can explore data in a trusted environment with Tableau Server.

Customer Sucess Metrices*

Increase with tableau implemented, business users are more productive
With insights from analytics companies better understand customer needs
Data-driven companies more likely to attract and retain customers

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