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Why Marketing Cloud?

Through Marketing Cloud, brands can deliver relevant, personalized experiences across channels and devices ensuring consumers receive the right message when they need it at all times throughout their relationship. The Marketing Cloud provides integrated solutions for managing the customer journey, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content management, and data analysis.


Digital Marketing

With the world’s #1 digital marketing solution, you can connect your teams, channels, databases and everything that matters to grow long-lasting relationships with your customers.Build unified customer journeys wherever your customers go next, from advertising to account-based marketing, emails to e-commerce, social media to service, and more.

Marketing Analytics

Connect to, analyze, and act on all of your marketing data from a single source of truth. We can consolidate all your marketing data on a single platform for a unified look at spend, performance, and impact.

Why companies are using Marketing Cloud*

Increase in Data Sources Used by Organizations From 2017 to 2019


More Likely for High-Performing Marketers to Create a Single View of the Customer

Of Customers Say the Experience a Company Provides is Just as Important as Its Product or Services

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