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Innovative elastic application support

Work with our Application Support team we have assembled a cost-effective team that can provide a stable, reliable Level 2-3 support.

Application Management

Provides services such as virtual administration, incident/problem management, minor enhancement development and system monitoring.


Quarterly exercise focused on best practices and continual optimization.

Application Testing

Script development, test execution and environment management.

Mini Projects

Fixed fee enhancement development that takes less than 2 weeks of total effort.

How can Managed Services help my business?

Managed services is a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way to managing your Salesforce environment. If your organization lacks Salesforce expertise, finds it challenging managing it, or needs expert assistance in optimally using Salesforce CRM then managed services would be the right solution for you.


Our maintenance service is focused on maintaining business user productivity via the following services:

  • Incident/Problem Management
  • Virtual Administration
  • General Questions
  • 3rd Party ISV Support


Developer support helps optimize and improve your system through continuous enhancement and change development.

  • Minor development
  • Change request management
  • Release management
  • Deployment management


Maintaining system health through preventative maintenance is not just about incidents but also how the system is used.

  • Adoption monitoring
  • System monitoring
  • Security policy monitoring
  • Custom monitoring
Managed Services Highlights
  • 24/7 Options
  • 100% Certified Talents
  • SLA Targets
  • Level 2-3 Support
  • Cost Savings Options
  • Elastic Options

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