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Personalize engagement on a unified, intelligent platform to improve outcomes and reduce costs

Cloud-based healthcare platforms can connect systems and organize data in a meaningful way to scale 1-to-1 engagement with every stakeholder.

Streamline operations

Teams can access all the data they need from a single program or app, instead of switching between systems, and they can see everything at an aggregate level.

Personalize patient experience

Seamlessly connect care teams to a 360-degree view of every patient on a single, HIPAA-compliant platform. Transform your call center, quickly connect patients to care, and act on social determinants of health to improve outcomes.

Scale patient-centric experiences across your organization.

Acquire, support, and engage patients throughout their health journey with a streamlined engagement platform that connects people, data, and processes.


How can Health Cloud help my business?

Gives you tools you need to engage with your health community a secure, configurable platform with modern integration capabilities, connecting clinical and nonclinical data, patient service programs, device inventory, and more to provide a holistic, 360-degree view of the patient, member, or customer

Clinical and Insurance Data Models

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a rich set of standard and custom objects to store and access specialized health information.

Health Timeline

The Timeline for Health Cloud Empower component enables patients who are logged in to the site to see their past, current, and future healthcare events.

Patient and Member Card

The Patient Card helps care coordinators track a patient’s condition at a glance by showing data from various objects that store the patient’s health data.

Referral Management

Referral Management allows centralized referral management staff to manage both provider-driven and patient-driven referral process to ensure efficient and effective management of the referral lifecycle.

Utilization Management

Automate decisions based on medical policy, monitor service-level agreements (SLAs), improve decision making, and reduce manual intervention.

EHR Integration

Providers can integrate data from all interactions they’ve had with patients, get a holistic view of the patient, and build a connected healthcare journey.

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